Germany’s largest car manufacturer, Volkswagen company in the city of Wolfsburg, in the end of 2016 years plans to introduce a new generation of its premium SUV Touareg. It is the third generation of this completely redesigned Volkswagen models. The first model of the VW Touareg is introduced into the market in 2002 and its second generation saw the light of day in 2010, while working intensively on finalizing the third generation of this sjsjnog vehicles. Volkswagen is the last few years working on a…Continue Reading “2017 VW Touareg Review, Specs, Release Date”

A car that was anticipated but we did not have enough info to speak more is now almost out on the market. 2016 Crossblue is almost ready to go out on the road and to reach the US market. It will face a tough competition but they are ready for it in VW. This mid-sized SUV took not just a lot of money, but also a lot of time to be developed. Now, it is almost done and the production phase will start very soon….Continue Reading “2016 Volkswagen Crossblue review, specs, release date”

This new 2016 Scirocco is a third series of this car and it was first introduced way back in 1974 and it was created as a 3 door motorcar that was a bit smaller and not as comfortable. How the time passed and new generations came out this car has had a lot of changes and refreshments and it was one of the primary series of Volkswagen. This car is now built as a town car that is supposed to get you through the city…Continue Reading “2016 Volkswagen Scirocco design, specs, release date”

So there is another new release coming form Volkswagen and it will be personalized as 2017 Polo Mk6. Polo car series is not something new since they have been present for quite a few years now and they are known for their quality. Polo series started producing way back in 1975 and since then they are a good representative of this German car producer. Next to Golf this is probably the most famous car produced by VW. This hatchback is now coming with new fresh…Continue Reading “2017 Volkswagen Polo Mk6 Design, interior, price”

Next generation of Volkswagen CC was recently confirmed. This car is promoted as a luxury sedan limousine and it lives up to this expectation. There are many changes made to this car and some of them are very big. One of the big changes is the design of this car which has a lot of things in common and resembles to Audi A7 which is much more expensive. A few versions of this car are expected and VW is getting very serious about this car….Continue Reading “2016 Volkswagen CC design, review, release date”

New car is coming from Volkswagen and it was unveiled at 2015 Geneva Motor Show. The car in question is redesigned 2016 Sharan. This car manufacturer has presented this car which has suffered a lot of changes in many areas. There are a lot of new systems added that make this car one of the best models in MVP segment. Those systems are assistance and convenience systems and they made this family friendly car even better. Many changes were made as previously said and some…Continue Reading “2016 Volkswagen Sharan review, release date, photos”

Volkswagen Tiguan has been on the market for 8 years now which makes it the oldest car in its segment by number of years in the market. Thus, it seems logical that it is time for refreshment and adding something new to this car. German press found out that all new Tiguan will be presented in September’s Frankfurt Moto Show. New Tiguan is supposed to be more fuel efficient, larger and it is said that when it comes to price it will be more competitive…Continue Reading “2016 Volkswagen Tiguan design, specs, release date”