The Porsche Mission E is conceived as an elegant electric sport sedan. In this segment of the market, Tesla with its model S, as well as with the newly introduced Lucid Air, made a big adventage. Porsche’s intentions are clear: to make a car that is better than Tesla S. 2018 Porsche Mission design Everyone first comes to the eye the fact that the new model will be higher than Panamera. Porsche Mission E will have optimal weight distribution and a low center…Continue Reading “2018 Porsche Mission e spy photo , release date , price”

In November 2016 was presented redesigned Porsche Panamera. The proportions of the vehicle are not significantly changed, but thanks to the silhouette which now looks more like a coupe car roof is lowered by 20 mm, while the wheelbase are extended by 30 mm compared to the Panamera I. All in all, the car is stylish more associated with the Porsche 911, than it was before, which is a plus and a step forward in terms of design. The interior has been significantly modernized, also under the…Continue Reading “2017 Porsche Panamera”

Porsche has always been known for its fast and elegant cars. This tradition continues with Porsche Macan, a phenomenal compact SUV car. Otherwise, in November 2014 the magazine Auto Bild declared Macan for the best SUV. Of course, these titles did not arrive overnight. Porsche has invested tens of thousands of hours of engineering and design skills. Upon completion of the development, which lasted the entire four years, the result was impressive and a new star was born. After Macan appearing in 2014, Porsche immediately…Continue Reading “2016 Porsche Macan specs, design, release date”