The 2015 Ford Transit coming from this USA car manufacturer will be a vehicle that will see broad level of changes. Unlike previous E-series vehicles that were built in the past and had a lot of flaws such as noisy engines, a lot of plastic, not so good inside trim etc., this car that replaces E-series will be a vehicle that will have all these thing sorted out. This car that is already in production will be a boxy van that will feature Euro style…Continue Reading “2015 Ford Transit Engine, Review, Price”

Ford Kuga is a car that will be facing a lot of competition in compact SUV segment but this car producer is hoping they will tackle all of the obstacles and succeed in making good sales. Kuga was produced for Australian market to be a replacement for Escape which was getting toward the end of its lifecycle. However, Kuga was too expensive to make some significant sales but it made road for the second generation model which was supposed to make better results. Second generation…Continue Reading “2015 Ford Kuga specs, design, price”

This big American car producer has prepared a new release for all of its fans. New 2016 Ford Focus RS is now coming to the market and will be offered on the US market. This car was recently unveiled in Germany on a motor show and it attracted a lot of attention. A lot of rumors and guesses were made about this car but when the official info was released we were able to see just what this beautiful car will feature. This hatchback is…Continue Reading “2016 Ford Focus RS AWD, specs, release date”

2016 Ford Edge is coming on the market in new robes. This edition has suffered some changes, most of them regarding the powerplant. This model is one of the most expected and waited models and the fans of Ford have been waiting for a few years for this model to come out. This 2016 Ford Edge crossover is supposed to fulfill a lot of expectations and to take on any challenge the road has to offer. This model has had changes which are supposed to…Continue Reading “2016 Ford Edge review, design, release date”

It is my great pleasure to announce the new 2016 Ford F150 Raptor. F150 is the best selling car in the USA in 2014. Of course, people in the company Ford invent improvements for this great car. In this moment, engineers in Ford are making development of the new model, which will be known as the F150 Raptor. Most importantly, the new Raptor will contain many aluminum parts. However, the most important decision is that F150 will going to continue to show raw power. For…Continue Reading “2016 Ford F150 Raptor engine, mpg, release date”

Ever since it appeared last Ford Bronco in 1994, began comments of the fans of this model. No one were accepting the fact that in the future this model will no longer be produced. Although Ford is often officially proclaimed that the new Bronco will not occur, there was a hope. These days will appears a new car, Ford Troller T4. By all parameters, it is the rightful heir of the Ford Bronco. However, there are a few facts that will disappoint fans of this…Continue Reading “2015 Ford Troller T4 – new Ford Bronco”