A thing that did not seem possible until recently might just happen. Ram is going to put a new car into production. They are bringing back one of the most popular SUV’s America had ever seen. Yeah, it is true; Ramcharger is going to be produced again, at least that is what the rumors state. There is a lot of talk about the 2017 Ramcharger concept and it looks great. Most of the people that like SUV’s are thrilled with this concept and can’t wait…Continue Reading “2017 Dodge Ramcharger specs, engine, release date”

In recent months, the Internet rumors about the new Dodge Barracuda. This car represented in its time one of the bestselling models from Chrysler. there was a a time in the 60s and 70s of the twentieth century, when American cars still ruled American roads. After Ford introduced the famous Ford Mustang, ‘Cuda’ was the response of Chrysler in the segment of the sport racing cars. Announcement of a new ‘Cuda’ is probably attempt to play with the nostalgia of baby boomers. Many of them…Continue Reading “2015 Dodge SRT Barracuda specs, design and release date”

Fiat Chrysler who owns Dodge brand showed a new refurbished 2016 version of 1500 Dodge Ram. This version is a bit freshened version of the previous 2015 Ram model. This 2016 Ram 1500 is not such a big update because Ram’s major model update is scheduled for the year after. However, not even in 2017 when this big update is going to be conducted, buyers shouldn’t expect Ram to switch to aluminum body in order to save weight. At least that’s what Ram President Bob…Continue Reading “2016 Dodge Ram 1500 specs, review, release date”