This car was a car that was luxurious and expensive enough to stand out of the mass, but it was not quite a Ferrari or those top model cars. However, with each update this car was becoming more and more stagnant and now 2016 model will come out to the market. This second generation R8 made it official debut this year and Audi has unveiled all of the information about this supercar. Changes were made both on the outside and on the inside, but outside…Continue Reading “2016 Audi R8 Engine, specs, release date”

In 2016 will appears the new Audi Q5. It’s been exactly six years since this fantastic crossover has appeared. Responsible people from Audi company knew from the beginning which models are the main competitors ifor Q5: Range Rover, BMW X3 and Mercedes GLK. Therefore they announced the introduction of a completely new platform: MLB. This innovation will enable much greater efficiency of the car. In fact, with more powerful engines, comes much lighter construction. MLB implies excellent alloys having a low weight, and adequate strength….Continue Reading “2016 Audi Q5 hybrid, engine, release date”

It is my great pleasure to introduce a new version of a true luxury full-size Audi. Already guessed, it is about the new Audi Q7, which in 2016 received a new version. As previously announced, the engineers at Audi have seriously got to work and made a new version of the platform MLB Evo for a number of large vehicles . For construction of new platform are used carbon fiber and other lightweight materials. As a result, the resulting platform is significantly lighter than its…Continue Reading “2016 Audi Q7 redesign, interior and release date”