Cars with three rows of seats have become extremely popular. Sales of such vehicles in China are experiencing double-digit growth year after year. In North America and Europe, the growth in sales of SUVs with three rows of seats is constant. In general, there are two large groups of cars with three rows of seats: minivans and SUVs. For which of these two groups to decide? It mainly depends on your needs and wishes. In a few sentences I will describe the main characteristics of these two types of vehicle with three rows of seats.

2016-Lincoln-Navigator with 3rd row of seats

Characteristics of 3rd row SUV

  • SUVs tend to have a stronger engine and drive to all four wheels. This feature provides great opportunities for off-road driving, but also the possibility of driving in the rural areas. It is also an important characteristic for areas where there is a lot of snow during the year.A much larger space in the cabin. Also, more space for cargo transfer
  • ┬áSUVs with three rows of seats are much more numerous than the minivan vehicle with three rows of seats. This implies a much better choice.
  • Improved passenger safety. SUVs are known for excellent safety characteristics.
  • Higher ground clearance to drive at less favorable ways.
  • The driver’s seat is quite high, which gives better visibility while driving

Benefits of 3rd row minivan:

  • It is simpler to drive, especially in urban conditions. With a combination of less weight and a strong engine, this car is quite agile in traffic jams
  • Sliding doors allow a lot easier entry and exit for passengers.
  • Minivan has a lower center of gravity, which is good because it prevents rolling over in a curve
  • Minivans is a lot cheaper then SUVs
  • Minivans make less polluting
  • Much lower fuel consumption

3rd row seat in audi_q7 - seats can sink

So, when choosing a 3 row vehicle, you must take into account all these facts. After all, for someone is most important that the vehicle is cheap as possible, while for the other people most important is safety or image that creates a particular vehicle. People are not the same and tastes are different. After all, there would not be tens of models in this segment of the market that each of them has its customer. Taste is not subject of debate.

When the car has three rows of seats, the number of seats varies themselves. A much larger number of models supported 7 seats, but there is a lot of cars with 8 seats. Cars with 8 seats are a story for itself and there is a rather large group of people who need them. The first group consists of people who have large families. Although the number of families with 5 or 6 children is relatively small, we should not neglect their needs. Another large group of people who are in need of daily transport 7 or 8 people, mainly for business reasons. In any case, there is an everyday necessity for such vehicles.

2016-Chevrolet-Tahoe 3rd row seats

One of the important characteristics of these vehicles is the design of the third row of seats. In the description of the models, we will emphasize comfort and legroom, knee and head room that will have passengers sitting in the third row. As you probably know, many models has third row with smaller dimensions that only meets the needs of younger children. On the other hand, there are models that provide considerable comfort and convenience, almost on a par with the second row of seats.

I would write a few words about another obvious feature of the 3 row vehicles: large wheelbase. In this type of vehicle, wheelbase can be from 120 to over 130 inches. That number might not seem much, but in everyday traffic this fact can create difficulties for inexperienced driver, particularly when cornering or compiling the semicircular turns. Due to the large wheelbase, these vehicles have a very large turning radius so be careful. On the other hand, a large wheelbase allows a large space in the cabin. With the proper height and width designed cabins, this allows plenty of room for the head and shoulders of passengers.

3rd row seats in cadillac-escalade
The best SUVs in 2015 with three rows of seats are:

Lincoln Navigator

Since Navigator has not been changed since 2007, new generation is expected to have a number of improvements. Among other things, the new Navigator will be available in a hybrid version. In doing so, the petrol engine will be the strength of 370 hp.We dont have informations about exact dimensions of this car, but it will be one of the longest SUV. The interior of cabin will get a lot of space and three rows of seats will be equipped mainly with leather. What impresses in this car are extremely comfortable seats in the first two rows. It is particularly important to say that the seats in the first two rows have built-in heaters. The third row is also comfortable and with all the allegations, has more space than other cars with three seats. The starting price of this model will be around $ 60,000.

Chevrolet Tahoe

This SUV is characterized by excellent design and graceful appearance. Besides the good-looking, I should boast great engine of 5.3 liter with quite acceptable consumption. A wheelbase of the model is more than 116 inches. This data means poor maneuverability for the driver, but also a great space inside the cabin for passengers. Excellent engine provides great acceleration, so that Tahoe reaches a speed of 60 mph in just 7.1 seconds. The seats are extremely comfortable. As stated, the third row of seats is intended mainly for children, because legroom is quite small. Lincoln has plenty of legroom in the third redu.Osnovna price is about 47000 dollars.

Mercedes GL550

As everyone knows, the label GL with the brand Mercedes stands for luxury models. From all other new GL models, this one has the most powerful engine with 5.5 liters. It should boast excellent automatic transmission with seven speeds. The interior of the GL model is made with premium leather and plastic superior workmanship with fine joints. In the three rows of seats are situated 7 seats. The first row of seats can have multicontour version with heaters and massagers. The third row of seats is also comfortable, but is intended mostly for lower adults and children. The price of this model is around 63,000 dollars.

GL550 the best 3rd row SUV

Audi Q7

This excellent SUV will be equipped with new body MLB Here. In addition to the radical changes in the external appearance, vehicle safety has been raised to the highest level. In addition, the engine of 450 hp inspires great confidence. With excellent engine going and the 8-speed transmission. From 0 to 60mph accelerates in 8.5 seconds, which is a good result for such a large vehicle. As announced, the new Audi Q7 will have a lot more leg room than the previous model. In the last third line will contain two seats that will still be intended for most children.

2016-mercedes-benz-gl-550 luxury 3rd row interior

Cadillac Escalade

To end our list we present a real delicacy: the fourth generation of the Escalade. In addition to sophisticated design, this model features a luxurious interior cabin. All seats have leather upholstery. The engine of this beautie will have 6.2 liters and an output of as much as 420 hp. The three rows of seats can accommodate seven or eight passengers. Especially good suitability is the LCD screen that slides out from the roof. Its primarily function is for fun of people who ride in the last two rows of seats. Designers of Escalade must be proud of the third row of seats that is comfortable, although with slightly less legroom for adults.

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