2016 Volkswagen Crossblue review, specs, release date

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A car that was anticipated but we did not have enough info to speak more is now almost out on the market. 2016 Crossblue is almost ready to go out on the road and to reach the US market. It will face a tough competition but they are ready for it in VW. This mid-sized SUV took not just a lot of money, but also a lot of time to be developed. Now, it is almost done and the production phase will start very soon. This car was presented at this years’ Detroit Motor Show and we were able to see this seven seat car from first hand. Since their sales declined a little bit lately, they decided to boost their models and production in VW. They invested a lot of money into new factory and research center where they are supposed to develop their new models. This model was one of the first ones that was refreshed in that factory and it will come with refurbished design both on the inside and the outside as well as with the great engine configuration.

2016 Volkswagen-CrossBlue review
2016 VW Crossblue Engine and Specs

The powertrain compartment of this car is a story for itself. This car will come with one engine available and the engine in question is a 4 cylinder 2.0 liter turbo diesel engine that will be able to produce around 190 horsepower and over 280 lb. –ft. of torque. This engine will come in pair with the 6 speed transmission that will for this car be an automatic one. It will be a 6 speed dual clutch DSG transmission that will grant this car even greater efficiency. There is also a lot of talk about this car available as a hybrid version, and in that case it will have 2 more motors. One electrical motor will be placed at the front while the second one will be placed in the back of the car. These engines will contribute with 54 and 115 horsepower and they will help this car reach max speed of 127 mph. And as for the speedup, it will take it only 7 seconds from 0-60 which is good for an SUV.

2016 Volkswagen-CrossBlue release date
2016 VW Crossblue Design

Design is what everyone first notices about a car. This one will have a look very similar to the one shown at the Detroit show and it has a good chance of becoming a well-sold car. This car will be bigger and taller than before and the lines of the car will have a nice flow and the car will be very sleek. It will have slimmer grille and smaller headlights, but it will come with a huge bumper. Inside of the car is also improved with new more quality material used. Besides that this car comes with a big 10.2 inch LCD touchscreen placed in the center console. The infotainment system will be controlled through it and it will have all the info about the car. Bluetooth, navigation and parking sensors are also things that we will find in this car.

2016 Volkswagen-CrossBlue interior
2016 VW Crossblue Release date and Price

This car will hit the roads somewhere in the beginning of 2016. The price set for it will be around $33,000 for base model and even more for better trim levels.

2016 Volkswagen-CrossBlue price

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