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It is great pleasure to write about the latest, redesigned version of the Toyota Rav4. This model has long been competing with another model of Japanese manufacturers, Honda CR-V, for the title of best-selling compact SUV. In this relentless battle, Toyota every year presents new enhancements to its model. Sales of the Toyota Rav4 in the year 2013 increased to over 210000 copies. The expectation is that this number will grow again. Other competitors, which could harm the sales are the Nissan Rogue and Mazda CX-5. Rav4 was first introduced in 1994 and since then has experienced a detailed redesign approximately every five years, so it had had 4 redesignes until now. Each model had a better fuel economy than previous models, and greater comfort. Masters from Toyota were perfected in the construction of low-cost, practical and a deluxe compact SUV.

2016-Toyota-RAV4 design

2016 Toyota Rav4 engine

As before, the engine is the 2.5-liter and gives an output of 176 hp.This engine is coupled with 6-speed automatic transmission. Buyers will be allowed the choice between vehicles with front-wheel drive and vehicles with all 4 wheel drive. Consumption of the models with front-wheel drive (FWD) will be about 24 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway. Some rumors even announced that in the same time would appear the model with turbocharged 2.0 liter engine, but we think this is unlikely.

2016-Toyota-RAV4 release date

2016 Toyota Rav4 design

As far as the design of vehicles, it will be significantly changed on the front end of SUV. It will be thoroughly revised grill and bumpers and headlights will suffer significant restyling. Customers will also have access to a new set of exterior colors. What was somewhat surprising is the offer of steel wheels of 17 inches.

2016-toyota-rav4 specs

2016 Toyota Rav4 interior

Equipment inside the vehicle will, of course, vary primarily depending on the trim level you choose. As before, there will be: LE, XLE and Limited. In this model you will get premium seat comfort. The seats and steering wheel are covered in the finest faux leather. The seats are easy to shoot down, so you will get large space for cargo. From additional electronics equipment, there will be: rear view camera, blind spot monitoring, automatized 2 zone clima, stability control, a powerful audio system and accessories for all modern interfaces.

2013 Toyota RAV4


2016 Toyota Rav4 price

New 2016 Toyota Rav4 MSRP will be $ 24,000 for the LE trim level. The most expensive, Limited level would cost about $ 30,000. This price will be competitive to Honda CR-V. Since the last redesign was only 3 years ago. We’ll see if Toyota will violate their rule to redesign works roughly every five years. It seems to us that we will attend the 2016 emergence of a new leader in the compact SUV market.

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