2016 Tesla Model X Specs, Engine, Price

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New release is coming from Tesla Motors. New 2016 Model X is beeing prepared for the upcoming release that will happen soon. It is still not available for sale, but you can reserve it ahead of time and get your Tesla X before it even hits the roads. This SUV which is said to be one of the greenest cars ever will be able to seat seven passengers and it will do it with style. This model will be all electric and it is a third car of that type coming from Tesla, after Roadster and Model S. This car is said to be family-friendly since it can seat 7 people, and it is also useful and it can be driven and used on many terrains. This car will be based on the same platform as the Model S but it will be longer and more versatile.

2016 Tesla model x side review
2016 Tesla Model X Engine and Specs

The powertrain for this car will be consisted out of electric engines. We have already said that this car will be one of the greenest ones ever and that is definitely true. Electric motors will power this car. There will be one electric motor placed on the rear wheels and that will come as a standard version. However, there is a front wheels mounted electric motor available but that one will be optional. The batteries that will be used in these electric motors will be a 60 kWh one that will have a 230 mile range that it can power this car throuhg, and 85 kWh battery that can be good for 300 miles in range. This is pretty good for an electric car and we can just wait for it to come out to see will these numbers be accurate since we know companies do their tests in their own way which can differ a little bit from the reality.

2016 Tesla model x release date
2016 Tesla Model X Design

There is not a lot of information available on the design of this car, both on the exterior and interior part. We know that it will have a “Falcon” door that will open towards the roof and even though this looks amazing, some people might find it bad since it does not allow people to tow things on their roof. Exterior will bring a stylish and classy sport SUV that can not go unnoticed on the road. Interior part is a mystery but we know it will bring the latest tech features as well as great interior design.

2016 Tesla model x interior
2016 Tesla Model X Release date and Price

This car will be released somewhere in the beginning of 2016 but the exact date is not yet available. The price set for this car will be somewhere around $60,000 for base version while the better trim version might go up to $90,000 and even more.

2016 Tesla model x price

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