2016 Skoda Snowman exterior, specs, release date

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All fans of the Skoda brand eagerly await the appearance of new Skoda full-size SUV. This new Skoda SUV 2016 for now announces by the name of Skoda SUV. As we approach the time of occurrence of a new car, there are more and more information on the this attractive successor of Skoda Yeti. However, according to the announcements, the only thing that will have significantly with the Yeti will be the fact that it is the SUV vehicle. New Skoda Snowman will be designed on a modular platform MQB. According to the announcements, Skoda Plus SUV will appear in the version of AWD, and possibly FWD.

2016 Skoda-Snowman

2016 Skoda Snowman exterior

External Appearance of Skoda SUV (in Skoda they call it Plus SUV) will be quite robust. It will represent a mix of muscular looks of Skoda Yeti and elegance of Skoda Octavia. There will be an indispensable wide and narrow grill and distinctive sharp contours of the vehicle. MQB platform will be shared with its cousin VW Tuareg. In the consumers option will be the wheels of 17 inches. This model will be produced, according to the announcement, with 7 seats, arranged in three rows. In accordance with the announced characteristics, new Skoda will be almost half a meter longer than the existing Skoda Yeti. The new model will have a higher roofline.

2016 skoda-snowman design

2016 Skoda Snowman interior

The interior of the Skoda Snowman will be richly equipped with various devices. There are indispensable devices for navigation as well as a powerful audio system which will be managed via a large touch screen mounted in the middle of the management console. Seats will be with leather upholstery. The steering wheel will be also trimmed in leather, with a relatively small number of buttons located on the steering wheel. Customers will have in offer the last camera, heaters seat and a number of other functionalities. Skoda has an excellent reputation in the field of security .Skoda Yeti received whatever best estimates of security, so we can expect that the new model will continue in the same style.

2016-skoda-snowman interior

2016 Skoda Snowman engine

Skoda will offer both types of engines: diesel TDI engines and petrol TSI. Both engines are likely to occur in variants of 2.0 liter, with power of 180 hp at TSi variants, and 184 in TDI variants. Transmissions will be offered in two versions: manual and automatic. In the next year will appears hybrid version of Skoda Snowman, but this model is still in development.

2016-Skoda-Snowman-release date

2016 Skoda Snowman release date and price

New Skoda SUV (some call it the Grand Yeti) will appear in the December 2015 year. It will be manufactured at a facility in Mlada Boleslav and will cost 24,000 euros.

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