2016 Nissan Z35 concept review, design, release date

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This roadster coming from Nissan is said to be a reincarnation of this car producer’s 1969 240Z model, but since this car is still a concept we can’t confirm that. However, Nissan Z35 is probably going to be a replacement of 370Z model. This new model will use lighter materials such as aluminum and lightweight tensile steel inside and out and will therefore be less heavy. Expected weight of this car is only around 1300 pounds. Cars width will also be reduced a bit in comparison to the previous model.

2016-Nissan-Z35 concept review

2016 Nissan Z35 platform

Platform that this car will be placed on is a modified version of FM Infiniti Q50 platform. This platform was changed and enhanced in order to fit to 2016 Nissan Z35. Basic architecture remains the same, but changes that were made will affect the weight of the platform in order to be in concordance to all in all weight reduce.

2016-Nissan-Z35 concept side

2016 Nissan Z35 engine

2016 Nissan Z35 will be available in different powertrain options and a lot of effort has been put up in modeling of this car’s engine. Nissan has joined forces with Mercedes in order to develop engines together. Engine in Nissan Z35 will be a turbocharged inline four 2.0 liter engine. This engine can produce output of 211 hp and 258 lb. –ft. of torque. Another option is a 3.o liter turbocharged V6 engine which is able to generate more than 400 hp. This Z35 will also feature a hybrid powertrain with an electric motor supporting and coupling with non hybrid engine but specifications about that will be available in the future and are unknown for now. Company has worked hard in order to provide different powertrain options for different types of buyers on various markets.

2016-Nissan-Z35 release date

2016 Nissan Z35 design review

Design will be a signature Z model design with a flat rear and plunging front. Previous Z models were always designed with powerful and appealing tone and this model will also continue that tradition. This cars width was altered in order to get better aerodynamics. On the inside, this car will provide enough space for driver and passenger with a decent comfort even though its size is not so big. Interior will be modern and it is designed to provide luxurious drive. Since this car is a new generation vehicle, we can’t for sure what it will feature but we can predict based on the previous models. We expect this car to have latest technological equipment that will make driving enjoyable such as USB port, connectivity to smart phones, a display screen etc.

2016-Nissan-Z35 concept interior

2016 Nissan Z35 release date and price

Release of this car will probably be in the end of 2015 or the beginning of 2016. Price for the base model will be around $30.000 and the hybrid model will be priced around $50.000.

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