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This Japanese car producer presented their plan for upcoming models and we could see from there that in their production plans they have mentioned Montero as a model that could come back to the USA market. They have been selling Montero Sport on USA market until 2006 when they stopped offering this model on that market. However, now they are planning to revive their production for this market since it is a large and growing market. This SUV remained in production for other markets in the world but for almost ten years they were not present in US market. Montero was sold from 1980 until 2006 so we can see that it was a long period and after the break they are returning this car with a lot of changes that will fit SUV class’s standards that are present now. Main competitors for this vehicle will be Nissan Pathfinder, Toyota Land Cruiser etc.

2016-Mitsubishi-Montero sport
2016  Montero Sport Mitsubishi Engine and Specs

It is rumored that Mitsubishi will offer this SUV with both petrol and diesel powertrain options. A hybrid version is in their plans also and it is said that they designed it to be 2.0 liter inline 4 gasoline engine and with electric motor that works with lithium ion batteries and that has around 60 kW of power. Even though it will be different than all the previous models it will keep Mitsubishi’s traditional features such as comfort, great off road performance and big size. It is said that 2016 Montero will be one of the best versions ever and company expects a significant market search for this car.

2017-Mitsubishi-Montero sport review
2016 Mitsubishi Montero Design

This car will have a body-on-frame construction that will replace uni-body construction. Body weight reduction should be achieved and come as a consequence of usage of lighter materials. That will make this car more fuel efficient and economical and also improve its off road performance. Exterior of this car suffered significant changes. With this new design we can say this car looks very strong, sophisticated and maybe even futuristic on some hand. It will be more aerodynamic and with body lines flowing nicely to give out impression of luxury. Besides exterior Mitsubishi did a lot on interior plan. Some rumors even claim that this SUV could get a third row of seats but for now that remains unconfirmed. Cabin is very roomy and it gives a lot of space to feel very pleasant. Due to this people say this is an excellent family car. Dashboard will feature a lot of gadgets that will follow the competition and latest tech releases. It will be a modern and elegant vehicle. Dimensions of new Mitsubishi Montero will be: Length 190 inches, Width 75 inches and Height: 74 inches.

2016-Mitsubishi-Montero sport price
2016 Mitsubishi Montero Release date and Price

Release for this car is planned for the end of 2015 so we could see this car on USA roads soon. There is no official announcement regarding price but it will be around $50,000 for base model. More information about new car you can find at Mitsubishi Montero forums.

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