2016 Mercedes E class W213 review, engine, release date

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Mercedes will makeĀ great surprises for the 2016. They are preparing the new E-Class model codenamed W213. This executive car was once the largest generator of profits of all Mercedes vehicles. It first appeared in 1993. The letter E is the origin of the German word “Einspritzmotor” – which is the German name for the fuel injection engine. On the Internet you can read a lot of rumors about large investments in the new model, some sources say even a billion dollars. According to those same rumors, the new class should have some admixture of S and C class. The model that will appear in 2016 will be the fifth generation of the E-class Mercedes. It should appear much novelties with the new W213. E class should get a much better engine, comfortable cabins and a host of new functionality.

2016 Mercedes-E-Klasse design

2016 Mercedes E class W213 powertrain

There will be petrol and diesel engine for this model. The plan is the emergence of hybrid variants. The petrol engine will be a V6 as before, only it will get inline version. The diesel engine will have a 2.9 liter and will be made in two variants, with 313hp and 400hp. Fuel consumption of this model should remain at the level of consumption of the current model classes, it is 28 mpg in the city and 42 mpg on the highway.

2016 Mercedes-E-Klasse review

2016 Mercedes E class W213 external design

As for the external appearance, this car will have a significantly larger wheelbase. However, despite this, the entire length of the car will be slightly higher. Taillights will undergo significant changes and will gain a futuristic look. Mercedes enshrines other details, so we can only assume that the more significant changes to happen. The assumption is that it will be amended grill. The big change is the use of MRA platform, which has so far used for the C Class Mercedes.

2016 Mercedes-E-Klasse spy photo design

2016 Mercedes E class W213 interior

The interior of the E-Class is significantly higher than the previous model. The impression is that the interior was done with taste and with the intention of positioning this model among the most luxurious cars. The seats are extremely comfortable with lether upholstery, so that all passengers will be satisfied. Mercedes took care of every detail so that the center console is characterized by a multitude of displays, surrounded by buttons. Airvents are made with chrome details. In combination with the finest plastic, displays and leather, all give the impression of high quality comfort.

2016 Mercedes-E-Klasse-W213 interior

2016 Mercedes E class W213 release date and price

Mercedes E-Class shows a steady growth in sales worldwide. It seems that Mercedes Benz corporation decided to put the emphasis on the USA, where they sold 69,803 copies just in 2013. Release date for the new model will be in late 2016. Price will be slightly higher than the current price, which is $ 51,800.

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