2016 Maserati Alfieri design, specs, release date

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New sports car is coming from Maserati. This new car model in question is Maserati Alfieri concept. This two door car made its debut at 2014 Geneva Motor Show where it attracted a lot of attention. This car is one of the rare models that haven’t suffered significant changes from the concept to the model that will be produced. This car will be produced with just slight changes from the concept that was unveiled in 2014. So there is no worry that the car which attracted a lot of attention will be different in any way. Small changes include driver comfort and better ergonomics but that did not change the basic concept. When designers designed this car, they had role model in 1954 A6GCS/54 Maserati.

2016 maserati-alfieri design

2016 Maserati Alfieri Engine and Specs

This 2+2 coupe will be having rear wheel drive setup but there will also be an all wheel drive model for the people preferring this option. Powertrain for this car is said to feature a large variety of engines. For rear wheel drive there will be 3.0 liter V6 engine that will be able to produce around 400-410 horsepower to power this car. For all wheel drive option there are rumors about two different engine options that will be possible. It was not confirmed but they are probably going to be twin-turbo V6 ones. One option is a medium power engine with around 444 horsepower. The second option is an engine able to produce just a bit over 510 horsepower. These two models will be standard with all wheel drive and the buyers can choose what they prefer.

2016 maserati-alfieri release date

2016 Maserati Alfieri Design

This car has no ordinary design. Maybe that’s what makes it special. As previously said, its proportions come from 1950s Maserati model. Long hood in pair with more compact cabin and low set grille can show us that this car is a Maserati just by looking it. This car has both aggressive and sloping lines that make this car special. Maserati made a car that is elegant, modern and that looks like it is timeless. Front grille is made futuristic but yet simple. Bi xenon LED headlamps are used there and on the twin exhaust tailpipes and the blue Alfieri signature on the back of the car is said to been taken from old Maserati materials.

2016-Maserati-Alfieri review

2016 Maserati Alfieri interior

Interior on the other hand features a minimalistic design that combines aniline leather on the seats and the dashboard in contrast to the floor which is made out of the material looking like steel which was popular in racing cars in the 50’s. Dashboard comes with modern TFT screen that looks visually great.

2016 maserati-alfieri-interior specs

2016 Maserati Alfieri Release date and Price

Release date is supposed to be somewhere in March of 2016 after the Geneva Motor Show while the price of this car remains unknown. However, if we assume it will be similar to the price of main competitors than we can say it will be priced around $75.000 for base model.

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