2016 Lotus Evora 400 engine, specs, release date

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Lotus was kind of a forgotten brand, they were on a crossroad trying to update their car lineup while still managing to keep their expenses at a lot level. They faced even more problems when their model Evora was banned in the U.S. because their airbags didn’t match up to the regulations. They faced a tough decision; to be pushed from the U.S. market or to invest money in redesign in order to fulfill the standards.

Their model Evora is on the market from the year 2010 and since then it suffered only minor changes, but nothing substantial and ground braking. However, they are coming back on the market with their updated 2016 Evora 400 which debuted at 2015 Geneva Motor Show. New Evora has a lot of power and boost and it seems ready for the battle on the market. This is the fastest and most powerful Lotus car ever produced.

2016 lotus-evora-400 review

2016 Lotus Evora 400 exterior

The exterior was significantly changed which is visible on the first sight. First noticeable thing is that instead of the old front end came a new one which is much more aggressive and looks more serious and powerful and it totally fits Evora 400. Some other changes are LED running lights, large vents, front splitter, new side-view mirrors and other things that make Evora 400 a modern sports car. This year’s model comes with lighter wheels.

2016 lotus-evora-400

2016 Lotus Evora 400 interior

As for the interior, automaker tried to make it easy to enter and exit this car by lowering door sills a bit, and narrowing them. There is a new set of seats in the cabin matching with lightweight steering wheel which is wrapped in leather. Besides wheel, there are a lot of interior parts made of leather and high-grade materials which gives Evora a modern and specific design. Also, the gauge set is revised and is now made out of white numbers on a black dials making it easy to read it. The transmission is moved on the upper-center of the dashboard for easier control.

2016 lotus-evora-400 interior redesign

2016 Lotus Evora 400 engine

Under the hood engine lineup consists of 3.5 liter supercharged V6 which produces 400 hp and 302 lb. –ft. of torque which is significantly more than on the last Evora. With this engine, new 2016 Evora 400 can get to 60 mp in 4.1 seconds and it has a top speed of 186 miles per hour. Lotus also added a switchable exhaust system that allows car drivers to select the mode they want to drive in: 1 – normal and peaceful; 2 – loud and ear braking; this is another plus for this model. Besides that, Evora 400’s traction control system has three settings to choose from: Drive, Race and Sport.

2016 lotus-evora-400 back release date

2016 Lotus Evora 400 release date and price

2016 Lotus Evora 400 debuted at this year’s Geneva Motor Show and on this event Lotus managers stated that this model will be offered in August for European customers while North American buyers will get it later in the fall. The price is not known yet.

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