2016 Kia Sportspace specs, engine, release date

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Another vehicle presented at this year’s Geneva Motor Show is Kia’s 2016 Sportspace. This car is a medium sized wagon and it is official preview for 2016 Optima. This car producer didn’t give out official statement but it is expected that this concept becomes a bellwether for long term output Optima sedan. Difference between Optima and Sportspace is that Sportspace is a wagon while Optima is a sedan. Sportspace is designed by Kia’s design studio in Frankfurt and it is supposed to present an attractive and versatile car model.

2016 Kia-Sportspace design

2016 Kia Sportspace design

2016 Kia Sportspace is designed in such a manner to present a great transportation which is supposed to be comfortable without sacrificing car’s performance and effectiveness. You can get a great level of comfort with a reasonable baggage space. Just by the look on this car you can spot the front grill that is specific for Kia. This car has straightforward design with lean and clean surfaces and with balanced proportions.

2016 Kia-Sportspace review

2016 Kia Sportspace engine

2016 Kia Sportspace adopted a front wheel drive and its power is coming from a 2.0 liter engine. This powertrain is 2.0 turbo gasoline engine which produces output of 250 horsepower (or 184 kW). Another possibility is a 2.4 liter four cylinder engine with 185 horsepower. In Europe, a diesel-electric hybrid option will probably be included in the offer. Front wheel drive is supposed to improve fuel economy and maximize this car’s efficiency. Another thing expected in this car is a six speed automatic transmission.

2016 Kia-Sportspace release date

2016 Kia Sportspace specs

Dimensions of this model are 4855 mm in length, 1425 mm in height and 1870 mm in width. This machine is placed on 20 inch carbon fiber alloys. Big wheelbase of this car is a guarantee for a comfortable cabin and a roomy interior. Besides that, new and innovative loading system which consists of 28 rolling balls in the trunk grants easier loading. These balls are “smart” because they lower 3mm automatically every time the car is ignited which is a precautious measure intended to keep stored items in place while driving.

In front of the driver there is a digital instrument board which is paired with a fully equipped and operational info and entertainment system. This system can be used in single or split-screen modes. And instead of the usual rear view mirror, there is a slim screen which is fed by images from the rear view camera along with other vital information for the driver.

2016 Kia-Sportspace interior

2016 Kia Sportspace release date and price

Kia did not give out any information regarding release date and price, but rumors about the release date state that this car will start selling in the beginning of 2016 while the price is yet to be determined and remains unknown for now.

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