2016 Kia Picanto Engine, Design, Price

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Kia has a lot of different car types in their assortment and Picanto is smallest of them all. This mini car is going to be refreshed as a 2016 model. This car will be redesigned and improved both on the inside and on the outside. This mini car is only 140 inches long and it has weight of 2,000 pounds. There were some big changes made to this 2016 Kia Picanto not only regarding design but also regarding the engine and efficiency. There are not too many words about this new model’s design because they wanted to make a big release we were still able to get some details. New fresh look is supposed to provide good reputation before the next generation of this car comes out on the market in 2017.

2016 kia picanto design

2016 Kia Picanto Engine

When we talk about powertrain options we have to say that there are still different rumors about it. Some rumors say that this car will have a 1.2 liter inline-4 engine that can produce 80 horsepower and 120 lb. –ft. of torque. Those rumors say that this car will come paired with 5 speed manual shifter and that there may even be an automatic shifter for better trims. On the other side, other rumors say that this car will have 1.0 liter engine that will be turbo charged and that will have 3 cylinders. We will have to wait for official info to be sure but it is certain that this car will have small engine that will have low CO2 emission and low fuel consumption. This car will also get new and larger brakes that should make this car stop with ease but that will probably come with higher trims and will be optional.

2016 Kia Picanto spy photo

2016 Kia Picanto Design

This car is classified as a mini but it will be able to fit 5 people so we can see it is not that small. Its size is bit increased for better passenger comfort. It looks a lot like a hatchback and it even has bigger wheelbase than almost all minis. On the outside this car will have redesigned fog lights and front grille as well as the alloy wheels. Inside of this car comes with 7 inch touch screen and great navigation system. This car will have cruise control, wireless connectivity, emergency braking etc.

2016 Kia-Picanto interior- review

2016 Kia Picanto Release date and Price

As we learned, Kia Picanto will not be offered for sale in Canada and the USA. It is not clear why the KIA does not offer this small city car in North America. One thing is certain: it would have many customers there. The price in Europe will be between 8500 and 13000 euros. We can expect that this car is going to hit the markets after the mid of 2015.

2016 Kia-Picanto release date

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