2016 Jeep Wrangler specs, design, release date

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Good news is coming from Jeep. New 2016 Jeep Wrangler is ready to debut. Car enthusiasts are anticipating to se new redesign of Jeep and the new look this car will get. Even though there is still no clear news, people are enthusiastic to hear something about it. Jeep produces cars with different characteristics, and this one could be perfect for all of you who love powerful and masculine car.


2016 Jeep Wrangler redesign

One of the things Jeep Wrangler is known for is its design. Since the first edition made for purpose of serving in WWII this car has had a very masculine style. It also has excellent performance for both on and off-road drive. Wrangler is a symbol for adventure and you can drive this car with ease on any type of terrain. Design of Wrangler is created in such way to provide comfort and safety for its passengers. New 2016 Jeep Wrangler has kept masculine design and tough characteristics, but has also suffered some changes. New Wrangles is ought to be more luxurious and classier than the earlier generations and it is supposed to meet sophisticated standard of sports utility vehicle.

And the latest news suggests that 2016 Wrangler will come with diesel engine. We don’t know too many details, but some sources claim that it will use 3.0 liter V6 engine that is currently used in Grand Cherokee and Ram 1500. It is rated at 240 horsepower and it could get up to 28 miles per gallon of highway. This car has a lot power and that means more fuel will be used. It will have eight or nine speed automatic transmission.

New interior of the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with 2.8L CRD engine

2016 Jeep Wrangler exterior and interior

According to some announcements, the fold down windshield that was accompanying this vehicle for many years will not be present anymore. Wrangler should also be available in more colors for buyers to choose from. It will have classy appearance and more style than previous one. New bumper design and new fog lights could be available as well. And as for the weight, the new 2016 Wrangler should be lighter because of the use of aluminum body. Wrangler aerodynamics will also be better due to alternations and changes made to the front side of the car.

Interior will also come with few improvements as well. Even though Wrangler is a SUV, the interior will make you believe otherwise. Its interior is pretty luxurious, and you will have a joy driving this car. Control board is set to ensure maximum efficiency for use. And with the navigation system that comes with new generation of Wrangler you will have nice ride wherever you decide to go.

2007 Jeep Trailhawk Concept. CN007_024JP

2016 Jeep Wrangler release date and price

Release date is not yet know but it is supposed to be somewhere towards the end of the year. Price for 2016 Wrangler is not published yet but speculations are from $30.000 for base model to even $45.000 for model with some improved features.

2016 jeep-wrangler-jk-concept

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18 thoughts on “2016 Jeep Wrangler specs, design, release date

  1. “$30.000 for base model to even $45.000 for model with some improved features.” ARE THEY SMOKIN’ CRACK? Who can afford that? The current model is expensive enough and probably just out of reach for a large number of consumers who would like to purchase one!

  2. That’s true for sure! They have gotten CRAZY on their pricing.
    For that money you can buy a much better value in a brand new truck.
    Not to say these are’t even American anymore.
    Fiat is ruining a good thing and laugh all the way to the bank.

  3. Like anything good in life, all must end. If Jeep is seriously considering their pricing between 30-45k a person would be better off taking any older jeep ( pick one) and having it professionally restored for around 20k if you don’t go crazy. I own an 83cj7 with only 110,000 miles on it, I WILL NEVER SELL IT. I am looking at having it restored and will enjoy it for ever. Jeep missed the mark by selling the J8 to the Egyptians and not here in the USA. That would have been perfect for any jeeper to enjoy and have for years. There is no loyalty and the bean counters will see the error of their ways when those 45k jeeps are rotting in some showroom. Either grab a 2015 now, buy an FJ cruiser now or good school. Good luck all.

  4. I have my order in for 2016 Wrangler Sport…was perhaps unusual, I had a deposited order on a 2015, but 3 weeks after sending deposit, got a call June 9 2015 that they could not complete my order, came in to late, production was ending whatever.

    However they told me if I wanted, my deposit would go for a 2016 and the agreed to price would be guaranteed for the 2016 model so I said absolutely.

    Now production is supposed to start in August some time and they are trying to say I will have it by Oct 1st or therabouts, now I do not see that happening, I figure I am lucky if I get it by Christmas

    1. I also ordered a 2016 Unlimited Sahara last week and was told 4-6 weeks for delivery. And, as I understand it, the changes have been limited to a few color changes and limited edition changes. For example, the Altitude and X are going away, but the Black Bear will now be a limited edition for the Sport. I am bummed that they didn’t replace the X with an equally equipped and unique Jeep, but I will have more fun with mods on my Sahara.

  5. To change the Iconic front end and the to lose the drop-down front window. Jeep is going to lose more supporters and the followers that own a Jeep. They might as well call the new Jeep a hummer and say that they are going out of business as a jeep is a icon and as American as apple pie baseball the 4th of July.

  6. I also have the same truck order as Scott. I also was told my deposit would go for a 2016. Diffence is I’m being told it will be ordered tomorrow which is July 9 and will be here in 4 to 6 weeks??? I can only hope.

  7. You folks who arer buying 2016 Jereps, salute! Congratulations on your success. Based on prices for these guys, yall must bring it. My 2002 TJ is a vehicle I will never sell either. I wonder how many 2016’s will actually “off-road” Let’s go wheelin!

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