2016 Jaguar C-X17 exterior, design, engine

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Brand Jaguar has always attracted the true lovers of fast machines. company Jaguar Land Rover has always been unparalleled In making fast sports cars with extravagant design . Just to mention XJ13 models from the sixties of the 20th century or Jaguar XJ220 concept car, which appeared in 1988. Name Jaguar in the car world has always meant a sharp lines, a low silhouette and the great engine power without compromise. With such a great heritage, Jaguar embarks on a new adventure: the preparation of the first SUV. After all, is not that Porsche also stepped into this market with the model Macan? The first presentation, model Jaguar C-X17 has experienced last year. Preparation of this model for mass production is already begun.

2016 jaguar-c-x17 design

2016 Jaguar C-X17 exterior

When you see this vehicle for the first time, you will realize that deviates from the classic SUVs. The front grill is a lot bigger and taller than the vehicles of similar size, while the headlights are less height and angled. The lights are made in LED technology, as well as all the other lights on this model. Unlike sports cars, where Jaguar has always fostered a lower silhouette, here’s the other way around: c-x17 is higher than its competitors, such as the BMW X3 or Porsche Macan.


2016 Jaguar C-X17 powertrain

Having grown jaguar tradition of powerful engines, it will still continue with this practice. Specifically, the new SUV will have built a powerful V6 engine with over 250 hp. Of course, with a good engine goes good transmission, so this model will receive an automatic 6-speed transmission.

2016 Jaguar-c-x17-interior

2016 Jaguar C-X17 interior

What particularly impressed us was the interior of the vehicle. Especially new design of the seats, what we have not yet seen. Seats are incredibly elegant, with integrated headrest. Special attention was paid to comfort, so that passengers will enjoy. Another non-standard solution is a multifunctional touchscreen which is mounted on the center console behind the transmission. Simply changing position, positioning itself in position for watching movies for passengers in the back seat. Of course, another touch screen is located in the middle of the control panel with navigation and loads of features like cruze control, broadcasting images that captures the rear camera and more.

2016 jaguar-c-x17 seats

2016 Jaguar C-X17 release date

Tata Motors is apparently intended Jaguar brand honor to launch a breakthrough in the SUVs market. For now it seems that the Jaguar CX17 will appear at the end of 2015, although would not be surprised not to appear until 2016. The price of this model will be around $ 40,000.

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