2016 Hyndai Azera review, engine, release date

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The first Hyundai Azera appeared on the market in the eighties of the last century. Initially, Azera was full-size luxury car, but after a few years it became a mid-size luxury car. The drive was FWD from the beginning and model was initially sold as the Hyundai Grandeur. Until now, Hyundai have made five generations of this extremely popular model. This model was sold in the USA in more than 26,000 copies in 2006. Since then, there has been a gradual decline in the number of models to sell, but Hyundai announces return in great style. Currently, on the USA market, the main competitors of this model are: Buick LaCrosse, Toyota Avalon and Ford Taurus.

2016-Hyundai-Azera review

2016 Hyndai Azera engine

Azera will have 3.5 liter V6 engine with 320 horse power and 260 lb feet of torque. Future injection of this engine will reduce fuel consumption in compare with previous Azera models. Sources sais that it will spent 8.5 l per 100 km or 19/29 mpg. It will have transmission with six speeds. Fuel efficiency will comes with top speed acceleration. There is possibility that it will be two trim levels for this engine.

2016-Hyundai-Azera design

2016 Hyndai Azera design

To reach and improve more quality and performance Azera will have significant changes than previous models. Exterior will have HID Xenon lamps and redesigned back lights. New panoramic sunroof and new front grille will also be significant changes. Sunroof will have optional features to keep UV rays form the sun. Interior will be covered with leather and other fine materials. Leather will be use of abundantly. Board will have completely equipped with new technical solutions. One of these innovations will be back check out video camera and blind spot mirror. We will also have new parking, safety and sound system. Sound system will consist of 8- inches sub-woofer and 14 premium speakers. Interior will be more innovative, attractive and glamorous.

2016-hyundai-sonata interior review

2016 Hyndai Azera specs

Otherwise Hynadi Azera is a proof of innovation of Hyndai production. This will be six generation of this car. It will be middle size luxury car. First generation was produced in 1986. Exteriority won’t change dramatically. Only front grille will be redesigned and will go towards dynamic sporty shapes. Cabin will be more wide and roomy. Seats will be made of strong steals and there will be fifth. Legroom and the headroom will be bigger and. Luxury and stylish room will be improved with soft-touch finishes and new chrome trims. Management will be lead with shiftronic guide and rearview camera.

2016-Hyundai-Azera specs

2016 Hyndai Azera relase date and price

Relase date of the new Azera will bein the middle of the 2015. Depending of version, base price for Hyundai Azera 2016 will be 31000 $. Of course, additional options will means additional charge, so the new Azera with the best equipment will cost $ 10,000 more than the basic price.

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