2016 Ford Focus RS AWD, specs, release date

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This big American car producer has prepared a new release for all of its fans. New 2016 Ford Focus RS is now coming to the market and will be offered on the US market. This car was recently unveiled in Germany on a motor show and it attracted a lot of attention. A lot of rumors and guesses were made about this car but when the official info was released we were able to see just what this beautiful car will feature. This hatchback is third generation Focus RS and it got some significant changes to its characteristics.

2016 ford focus review

2016 Ford Focus RS Engine and Specs

There were a lot of speculations about this car’s powertrain and specs but we can confirm now, this car will have a powerful engine. It will be 2.3 liter turbo four with stunning 320 horsepower and around 320 lb. –ft. of torque. That will make this car a “monster” that can provide enough power for all lovers of speed and strength. Even though previous engine had five cylinders and it was 2.0 liter one, this new engine is the future of small displacement EcoBoost power. The gearbox paired to this engine will be a six speed manual one which is a bit strange for US market where almost all cars are with automatic shifters, but that is another thing separating this car from others on the market.

2016-Ford-Focus-RS design and price

2016 Ford Focus RS AWD

Another important thing, new 2016 Ford RS will be an all-wheel-drive car. There was a lot of discussion about this but it was confirmed that AWD will be placed in this car unlike the last RS which was FWD car. Focus RS has torques vectoring AWD which can send even 70% of torque to the rear axle. This car has a system that monitors front and rear continuously so it can decide where the power will go.

2016-Ford-Focus-RS release date


2016 Ford Focus RS Design

On the outside, this car looks more aggressive than before with its unique wheels, big wing and one of a kind front end that almost looks like a mask. RS was made so it provides a fantastical ride for its drivers and you can see that just by the look of it. On the inside, it was built with great Recaro seats, additional bank of gauges and a lot of “blue RS’ trim while the other features are standard ones.

2016-ford-focus-rs interior

2016 Ford Focus RS Release date and price

This car was shown off at the Germany and also at Geneva Motor Show. The first 2016 Ford RS will hit the US market sometime in 2016 but exact time was not yet specified. Ford is being very mysterious about release date and price of this car and therefore we remain in ignorance about that. However, we can expect a nice price since this car has a lot of power and a great design.

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