2016 Chevy Blazer K5 review, engine, specs

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A great vehicle is said to be back to the market. A car which made its debut in 1969 and whose production was discontinued in 1995 is rumored to be back. This two door SUV was anticipated by a lot of fans. Apparently, GM is looking for a way to expand its sport utility lineup because of the rising market potential and economy growth. Speculations say that the company prepared a lot of surprises for all of the Chevy fans.

2016-Chevy-Blazer-K-5 review

2016 Chevy Blazer K5 Engine and Specifications

The most possible solution is that this car will be back as a full size two door K-5 which is the same way the production was done before disclosure. However, there is another possibility and this one is that Blazer will come back as a two and four door “S-10” which will be using the same platform as new Chevy Colorado. And as for the powertrain, there are different rumors since the company did not give out any actual info. One of the mentioned options is a V6 engine that has a high rate of torque and can produce a lot of power. Second option is a V8 6.0 liter Vortec engine that can produce around 345 horsepower. There is evidently a need for a 4×4 so that is a high probable solution too.

2016-Chevy-Blazer-K-5-rear design

2016 Chevy Blazer K5 Design

Interior of this car was always been able to host its passengers with a decent level of comfort. That is one thing that is expected to stay the same. However, we expect a lot of high end tech features inside the cabin since the last time a Blazer was out on the market was in 20th century. Great audio system, Navigation, LED Gauges and other modern tech gadgets are expected. Besides nice comfort, we expect possibly a full leather covered seats, infotainment systems etc.


2016 Chevy Blazer K5 exterior

On the exterior, a big redesign is expected. Most of them are said to be on the front side of the car in order to improve its aerodynamics. Head and taillights are expected to be LED ones and to be consistent with the bumpers. The wheels are likely going to be 17×9 inch ones with quality tires on them. All in all, exterior is expected to be stylish and modern to fit the current market.

2016-Chevy-Blazer-K-5 release date

2016 Chevy Blazer K5 Release date and price

Since the info about this car is not available, it is hard to guess what the price will be and when will the car come out. Since the concept is not out yet, we fear that this project might end up in trash can. However we hope that it will not happen. If GM decides to bring this project back to life, we expect that this concept will have its premiere in 2016. The price is not known and we can’t even guess how much this car will cost, so it remains to be seen.

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