2016 Cadillac Escalade exterior, specs, interior

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It’s a real pleasure to introduce new version of today’s  top full-size SUV, Cadillac Escalade. It is a model which appeared for the first time in 1999,  in response to the Fords Lincoln Navigator. GM has presented three generations of this model so far. The new model will be the fourth generation and apparently will bring interesting improvements. It is expected that the engine and consumption will be the main advantages of the new car.

2016-Cadillac-Escalade design

2016 Cadillac Escalade engine

Cadillac Escalade 2016 will probably have two types of motor engines. One version of engine will beV8 with 6.2 liters with 420horse power and 460 lb-ft torque. Second version will be V8 with 6.0 liters, 332 hp and 367 lb-ft torque. It is assumed that this new model of Escalade will spend less fuel than it’s predecessor. Maybe it will appear also in diesel version with V6 engine. New Escalade will have 6 speed automatic transmissions with all-wheel drive. Consumption of fuel will be for city drive 15 mpg, highway 17mpg, while combined will be 21 mpg. That will be for RWD version. AVD version will deliver 14 mpg for city, 21 for highway and 16 for combined drive. Escalade 2016 will have lesser weight than its predecessor.


2016 Cadillac Escalade exterior and interior

New Escalade will have upgraded version of Lambda platform with lighter weight and strong vehicle structure. That will be so called Lambda II platform. Luxury interior will consist also of text to voice feature. New LED screen will be with 12, 3 inches ecran with all necessary information for driver. Exterior will also have altered headlights, LED tail on the back. But new Ecsalade Caddy shall not have serious change for its exterior compared with its predecessor.

Except electronic and light materials, which will give new Escalade Cady more stylish, luxury and aggressive look, nothing crucial wouldn’t change. Of course there will be some new visual details and high quality materials. Grille will be redesigned, emblem will be bigger.

2016 cadillac-escalade-interior

2016 Cadillac Escalade release date and price

We still haven’t precisely date of coming of new Escalade except that it will be in 2016. Someone expect that Caddy will appear in second half of 2016.

According to current information the price of Cadillac Escalade will be in wide range from 50.000 to 78.000 $, depending on version. It’s competitors will be Lincoln Navigator, Lexus LX570, Infinity QX80. Same as this models Escalade is SUV car for classier people because of the price.

2016 Cadillac-Escalade specs

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