2016 BMW X5 Plug-in Hybrid review, specs

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All around the world, car producers are attempting to produce their highly popular SUV’s more efficient and clean running and to make them more similar to lower weight passenger cars. These cars bring them high profits and they want to adapt them to people concerned about ecology and environment. The way they do that is through grafting of a plug-in hybrid system. BMW has already offered system name Active Hybrid on different car and truck models in previous years. But none of these models have made some big success and convinced people to buy them. But this new 2016 BMW X5 will be a leap forward. BMW X5 is a legendary SUV that made a lot of success on the market. Now, it will come like a sport hybrid.

2016-BMW-X5-M design

2016 BMW X5 design

The distinctive and well known look that X5 had is still there with front grill, LED lights, large wheels and refreshed bumpers. The weight of the car is substantially reduced with the use of aluminum. With the reduced weight comes reduces fuel consumption and higher efficiency. The gas-powered engine is one of the things that are also supposed to contain weight. It will be 2.0 liter 4 cylinder turbocharged engine that comes combined with direct injection. It will provide 258 lb. of torque and 241 horsepower. Electric motor will be placed between the engine and transmission and it will give additional 94 horsepower and additional 184 lb. feet or torque.

2016-bmw-x5-m review

2016 BMW X5 engine

Electrical motor is powered by heavy (over 300 pounds) lithium ion battery that stores 9 KWh of energy. Battery is placed under the cargo floor. Outlet for plug-in cable for KWh is on the left front panel. Total range of this new X5 plug-in is 1.390 miles when full of fuel and battery on maximum. That makes its efficiency somewhere around 62 mpg or less which depends on drivers habits but it is not bad for a big SUV. E-drive system comes with three modes: Intelligent Hybrid (Max eDrive), Pure electric (auto eDrive) and Save battery mode. Use of gas engine made a better weight distribution and improved dynamics.

This new model will satisfy both drivers that need efficient in-town cruiser and also travel long distances on the weekends with a lot of cargo.

2016_bmw_x5 interior

2016 BMW X5 hybrid release date

Release date is not specified yet, but we assume it will be somewhere in 2015. This means that it will have to compete with at least 2 similar cars on the market: Volvo XC90 plug-in hybrid, and Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in hybrid which are already in production. The price will be somewhere around $60.000 but it is not yet specified.

2016-BMW-X5 hybrid release date

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