2016 BMW M8 engine, design, price

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Today we present one of the supercars from Germany. It is the latest pretty toy from BMW. You guessed it, it is a BMW M8. It is an excellent grand tourer produced since 1989. The first model was designed by the famous Klaus Kapitza. This model has become very famous and developed a full 5 years under the code name E31.


2016 BMW M8 engine

It isn’t strange that BMW M8 will run from 0 to 100 kph in 3 sec because it will have updated version of the M 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8 engine directly – injected. This engine will be made from carbon-fiber and titanium. It will have 650 horse power and automatic transmission from engine to the wheels. Transmission will be eight-speed automatic. Maximum speed will be 199 mph. It will be equipped with start stop system which will result lower consumption of fuel. Consumption of this model will be around 24 mpg on the highway.

2016 bmw-m9-concept

2016 BMW M8 interior

M8 will be super car from the blue spinner team after 1984. It will be both luxurious and sport aggressive car. As far as the interior concerned, there will be significant change in comparing with M model from 81 and BMW 18. Cockpit will follow I8 with the instrument panel and steering and guiding wheels column. So I8 will be eco platform for this super car. Interior also will be equipped with top quality Alcantra leather and carbon fiber.


2016 BMW M8 design

Weight of M8 will be 2760 pounds which will be achieved with light material and metal framework for wheels. Exterior will be combination of M1 and BMW 18. It hardly will be street car with all of these performances. Design will be based on I 8 2015 design with same characteristics especially in chassis. Like we said their ancestor is M1 from 1981. While BMW I8 2015 is hybrid car BMW M8 will be designed as a powerful machine with higher performances. In the year 2016 when BMW will celebrate 100 years M8 will be model which will present all symbols of BMW products: power, engineering, heritage, custom and workmanship.

2016 bmw-m8 back

2016 BMW M8 release date and price

BMW M8 will not be for regular sale. Its price will be from 330000 $ for regular version to 500.000 $ with upgrades. It won’t be produced in large numbers. Maybe this car will transform fact that Mercedes is a best selling in high class, luxury, super cars.

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