2016 Audi R8 Engine, specs, release date

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This car was a car that was luxurious and expensive enough to stand out of the mass, but it was not quite a Ferrari or those top model cars. However, with each update this car was becoming more and more stagnant and now 2016 model will come out to the market. This second generation R8 made it official debut this year and Audi has unveiled all of the information about this supercar. Changes were made both on the outside and on the inside, but outside changes were small and they are not easily recognizable. This car is built on a redesigned first generation R8 platform which was altered into MSS (Modular Sport System) architecture. Changes that were made enabled this car to lose more than 100 pound in comparison to current model.

2016-Audi-R8 review
2016 Audi R8 Engine and Specs

Powertrain for this car will no longer feature V8 engine in the future since 2016 model year marked the end of usage for this line. R8 will now feature V10 and V10 Plus engines. V10 engine will be able to produce 540 horsepower and 398 lb. –ft. of torque while V10 Plus produces 610 horsepower and 413 lb. –ft. of torque. Shifter paired with these engines will be seven speed S tronic dual-clutch one. This car with V10 can get from 0-100 Kmph in just 3.5 seconds and the Plus version can do this in 3.2 seconds. Efficiency for this car is solid and it is rated at 20 mpg combined. This car features all wheel drive system that can shift the power to the back wheels for more dynamic ride, but it can also transfer all of the power to the front wheels in things get a bit slippery.

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2016 Audi R8 Design

We already said that exterior changes are not that big and significant but we should mention them. They include a bigger grill in the front of the car and air intakes which are now a bit smaller than before. Other changes include removal of the vertical contrast stripe above the rear air intake, headlights which now have straight lines instead of mild curves and some other small changes.

2016-audi-r8 design

2016 Audi R8 interior

On the other side, interior changes are more easily visible and the first thing you notice in this car is its wheel. Steering wheel now has a lot of controls placed on it and it almost looks like a Formula 1 steering wheel. There is also a 12.3 inch screen inside that replaces instrument gauges and MMI screen. Driver can display info using controls on the steering wheel so he can see only the info he wants. Audi connect will give the passengers option to connect their smartphones to the car.

2016-audi-r8 interior specs
2016 Audi R8 Release date and price

This car should cost about $185,000 for V10 and $187,500 for V10 Plus version of this car. Exact release date is unknown but it should be somewhere in the summer of this year.

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