2016 Audi Q7 redesign, interior and release date

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It is my great pleasure to introduce a new version of a true luxury full-size Audi. Already guessed, it is about the new Audi Q7, which in 2016 received a new version. As previously announced, the engineers at Audi have seriously got to work and made a new version of the platform MLB Evo for a number of large vehicles . For construction of new platform are used carbon fiber and other lightweight materials. As a result, the resulting platform is significantly lighter than its predecessor, which was named PL71 and support a whole range of Volkswagen and Porsche vehicles in the past. Due to the use of new platforms and some designs, the new generation Q7 will be easier for even 500 pounds compared to the old version. The first and only generation Audi Q7 was introduced back in 2005, so that we will finally see something new.

2016 audi-q7 design

2016 Audi Q7 redesign

The look of the vehicle will not suffer too much change. The front grille is likely to experience a redesign, at least judging by the few spy photos that have surfaced on the internet. Under the new design, the front of the vehicle will, viewed from the front look like the Audi TT. The vehicle will undergo very small changes, if we exclude the appearance of the muffler. In the previous version of the Audi Q7 was a lot of headlines in the newspapers regarding security. In fact, there are some reports that the first version of this car did not meet all safety standards. After that, Audi has invested additional efforts and now Q7 received the highest marks from security. Among other things, despite the introduction of a large number of air bags, blind spot warning system was further perfected.

2016-audi-q7- spy photo

2016 Audi Q7 engine and interior

As in the previous generation Audi Q7 offers a whole range of engines. personally I’d prefer to chose the model of the 3-liter V8 engine with an output of the entire 450 hp. The acceleration of this model is really great because of the 0 to 60 mph comes in less than 8.5 seconds. It has 8 speed transmission and AWD drive.

The interior of the Audi Q7 as always when it comes to Audi, extremely luxurious. The seats, which is a total of 8 are extremely comfortable. In the first and second row seats have enough leg room, even for large people. As usual, when it comes to cars with three rows of seats in the third row of seats is a space mainly for children or persons finer constitution. Navigation is significantly improved. According to announcements coming from the Volkswagen Corporation, a map definitions will be updated automatically in all the luxury models of VW and Audi cars, and therefore for the Audi Q7. Infotainment system is significantly improved with access to the entire set of useful information on the condition of the road, to petrol stations located nearby. It Should be commended and audio system with skillfully blended speakers.


2016 Audi Q7 release date

There is a lot of the rumors on the Internet about the appearance of this model. However, it is obvious that Audi does not hurry, because they wants to test vehicle with the new platform. the most likely release date is the end of 2015.


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