2015 Hyundai ix 35 specs, design, engine

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According to rumors, Hyundai is preparing a new generation of ix35 model. First generation¬†of this compact SUV car was produced in 2009. This model’s predecessor was the Hyundai Tucson and Hyundai company has very ambitious plans. According to some announcements, Hyundai intends to fully master the market of cars with fuel cell. Yes, model Hyundai ix 35 will have a fuel cell.

2015 hyundai_ix 35 design

2015 Hyundai ix 35 design and engine

As for the external appearance, there will not be a lot of changes. There is already an indispensable bumper redesign and redesign forms of daylights and fog lights. The front part will also get plenty of chrome details that will contribute to its sporty look.In the offer will be the wheels 17 and 18 inches. There will be two versions of this model. Model’s already mentioned fuel cell and ordinary model. The model with the petrol engine will have 2.4-liter engine with 4-cylinder with an output of 182 hp. The other engine is diesel engine with 2 liters and also four cylinder and an output of 165 hp.The interior is perfectly done. All seats have leather upholstery. From other equipment, there are a rear camera, touch screen of 7 inches with navigation, dual zone climate control, audio system with six speakers.

2015_hyundai ix35 fuel cell

2015 Hyundai ix 35 fuel cell

Since this is a completely new technology, I’ll describe briefly what this is about. To drive this car hydrogen ¬†will serve as a fuel. Hydrogen must be stored in special tanks at a pressure of 700 bar. in such circumstances, with tanks of 140 liters, costing 5.6 kg of hydrogen. Due to extremely high pressure tanks are made from multiple layers of special materials. Hydrogen is supplied to the fuel cell, where in the chemical reaction with oxygen produces steam and energy, which serves to drive the car. Therefore, there is no pollution. Already today there are technologies for easy production of hydrogen – with process of electrolysis of seawater. For electrolysis we need electricity, so we can easily get solar panels that produce electricity directly from the sun radiation. So, today it is possible to produce complete energy to drive the car by using renewable energy sources. Hyundai is planning to sell more than 10,000 units in the next few months. What could eventually makes difficult for new users of cars with fuel cell is small diffusion of fuel stations pump with the hydrogen. However, when this technology received in popularity, there will be more of these stationscells.


2015 Hyundai ix 35 price

Conventional models of Hyundai ix35 will cost from $ 22,000 and up, depending on the equipment. Model with fuel cell will cost about $50,000.


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