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Ever since it appeared last Ford Bronco in 1994, began comments of the fans of this model. No one were accepting the fact that in the future this model will no longer be produced. Although Ford is often officially proclaimed that the new Bronco will not occur, there was a hope. These days will appears a new car, Ford Troller T4. By all parameters, it is the rightful heir of the Ford Bronco. However, there are a few facts that will disappoint fans of this model worldwide. The first and most important is that this model will appear only in Brazil, because there is a plant for the production (by 2007 Troller was an independent Brazilian company). However, there is a strong possibility that after some modification of this model will be offered to other markets. The biggest obstacle is the strict safety standards in Europe and USA. This model has just presented on the Sao Paolo Motor Show and went on sale in Brazil.

2015 new ford bronco

2015 Ford Troller T4 design

What is brought in the design of this model? Our impression is – a lot, because we have the impression that this model is exactly what one offroad vehicle should be: reliable, powerful, robust and easy to maintain. What first strikes the eye is the two doors. Another thing is powerful and reinforced bumper that is ideal for riding through the jungle. Above the bumper is winch, simple and useful device, but somewhat forgotten in modern off-road vehicles. The drive of the vehicle is very reliable: it is an excellent 3.2 liter Powerstroke engine with 6-speed transmission. The power of this engine is almost 200 hp.

2015 Troller-T4-design

2015 Ford Troller T4 inside and electronic devices

When we mentioned that the Troller T4 is easy to maintain, we thought most on the interior of the vehicle. In fact, all interior surfaces have been made in waterproof material. If, say, you want to go hunting or fishing, you will probably get dirty all surfaces inside the cabin. However, since the material is washable, you will easy wash all. From electronic devices, there are almost everything from standard equipment: the Bluetooth and USB connection, audio system with 4 speakers, radio. On the right side of the center console is panel provided for additional devices. So, you simply themselves easily mount your navigation device or whatever you need. What we’re particularly thrilled was excellent soundproofing inside the cabin, which is very useful.

2015 Troller-T4-interior

2015 Ford Bronco price

Given that this is a thoroughbred SUV and offroad model right, everyone will ask the question, what’s the price of a new Ford Bronco 2015? MSRP Price Ford Troller T4 is 43000 dollars. Our impression is that this car, which had already appeared in the sale is worth every dollar.

2015 Troller-T4 price

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