2015 Fiat Freemont – Engine, Specs, Release date

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This car is not very popular and well known. In fact, there is a high possibility that you have never heard of this car since it is not so popular. However, Fiat Freemont is a car that is worth looking into. It is very similar to Dodge Journey which is also a car not so known on the market. Nevertheless, this car is a seven seat wagon that has high resemblance to SUV and you can easily mix it up for an SUV. Freemont has a lot of good features that the cars its size and type do not have and it is very good money value car. It combines very decent price with a lot of features so you should continue checking out this car. Besides good price and features it also has a good design so it doesn’t look sturdy and ugly. Just the opposite, this car is very stylish and appealing.

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2015 Fiat Freemont Engine and Specs

Powertrain for this car is not anything ground breaking, but it is very good for this type of vehicle. Engine inside this car is a “Pentastar” 3.6 liter V6 engine that can produce 342 lb. –ft. of torque and 206 horsepower. Transmission paired with this engine will be a 6 speed automatic one and it will come with FWD. It can go from 0-60 mph in 7.9 seconds and it weighs about 1820 kilograms. It is a powerful car that has a lot of strength to it and it can face different terrains.

2015 fiat freemont design

2015 Fiat Freemont Design

Exterior design for this car is made so the car looks strong and muscular but with clean lines that flow nicely. If we consider the fact that this is a 7-seater then we can definitely say this car has a good design. It has 19 inch wheels and it has a lot of small touches that make it look more luxurious than it is. On the interior part of this car we do not have any special good or bad things to say. It has nicely set buttons and controls that are easy to use and it also has an 8.4 inch touchscreen in its center that is used for controlling the infotainment of the car. It is also roomy for a 7-seater and you could have a comfortable drive with your family. It comes with dual climate control system and with parking sensors and rear view camera which is pretty good for standard equipment and something every family should have in their car.

2015 fiat freemont interior

2015 Fiat Freemont Release date and price

This car has already hit the markets in different countries and it can be bought in dealerships. However, here comes the best news. This car has a price of a bit over $34.000-35.000 which is not a lot for all of the things it comes with.

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